Friday, April 4, 2014

Dagwood #1 Sub Shop???

As soon as you walk into the Dagwood Deli you see a little sign that says, "Ranked #1 Sub Shop because of the support of #1 customers". Well, my interest was immediately peeked to say the least. I have eaten in quite a few sub shops in Indian River County, all of which have been great. But "Best"? That's a big claim!

Did the Dagwood have what it takes to hit 5 thumbs here in the Lunch Box? Could we dare say that they are #1 with other great sub shops out there? What makes a sub shop #1 anyway?

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Count of Monte Cristos!

There is no doubt that this sandwich has the legendary appeal of a literary classic of unforgettable proportions! The Pelican Diner in Sebastian Florida is the home of this mammoth beast of a sandwich.

Whether you are a resident or just passing through, this sandwich is a MUST HAVE! It would be a crime worth imprisonment to live here or drive through and not have a go at this flavorful delicacy. Some might be concerned about the health issues, but indulge just once or never know this historical classic!

Let me just start by saying... Fry it and I'm eating it! This monster is definitely the largest lunch meat extravaganza I have ever held. The first bit brought me back to my early childhood, when life was simple and good, back to the first time my taste buds were introduced to the manna from heaven... Funnel Cake! Loaded inside is sizzling hot ham, turkey and Swiss Cheese!. Served covered with powdered sugar and a choice between raspberry jam (my suggestion) or honey mustard this Count is sure to please!

I can't say this enough... THIS IS A MUST HAVE IN INDIAN RIVER COUNTY! Legendary doesn't even come close to an accurate status for The Pelican Diner's Monte Cristo. Now get this... all of this for just $6.25! That is a price you just can't beat! This meal is off of the Richter Scale!

The Indian River Lunch Box gives The Pelican Diner's Monte Cristo 5/5 thumbs! Great Job!!!
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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fish Shack

 The Fish Shack of Vero Beach was like a New England fishery meets Jimmy Buffet Beach Party! Walking into the smell of a crab boil is always a good sign for a seafood eatery. The intoxicating smell and atmosphere led me to my table with a growing hunger for a great lunch.

So, can a seafood restaurant in historic downtown Vero Beach make it into the Lunch Box? Will this shack shackle the taste buds and be included in the working man's tool belt of lunch time specials?

Landing at my table I must say I was a bit $urprised at the menu. My wallet began to dive deeper into the dark waters of expen$e as I sailed the $eas of lunch meals well over ten dollar$. I was finding it hard to make a reasonable choice for a reasonable price. I asked for the lunch special menu and was even more surprised by prices that where as deep as Twenty League$ Under the $ea, being upwards of fifteen dollar$. After combing the menu I found what I thought was the most reasonable price and made my selection, The Shacktastic Sandwich at $11.95 all said and done.

As I sat awaiting one of the most expensive fish sandwiches I think I have ever had, I prepared my heart for disappointment. Then the waitress set this MASSIVE sandwich down in front of me. By far this was the largest catch I had ever experienced. This was no Filet-o-Fish! This Cod sandwich was the largest fish filet between two buns in any seafood establishment I have ever been. Topped with slaw and fries this sandwich is made for the Big Mouths! The meal came with a large pickle, fries, and side slaw all of which were of high standard and delicious. Anytime I can't finish all that's on my plate, I know it was a great meal.

So, The Fish Shack of Vero Beach has a outstanding atmosphere and fabulous tasting food. The only downside for the Lunch Box is the cost. The meals found at the Fish Shack are a bit out of our legal limit to catch, but Well worth every penny during the right season when a special lunch is called for.

Only because of the "High $ea", The Indian River Lunch Box gives the Fish Shack a 4/5 thumbs

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Meatballs For Giordano's

When you walk into a deli and the two behind the counter are speaking Hungarian you can pretty much bet on a great lunch! Giordano's was just that.

At the western tip of Miracle Mile in Vero Beach Fl, Giordano's is tucked away in the corner of a little shopping plaza. But don't let the location fool you, this Deli packs a mean sandwich and so much more.

When I walked in the door one of the first things I noticed was owner/operator Gizella Bozsik hard at work making homemade meatballs! That's right.... HAND ROLLED and HEARTY meatballs!
There was no doubt in my mind, I was about to have a serious encounter with an epic cuisine!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Go Big or Go Home! ~Tubby's Subs

A county worker, A biker, A retiree, and a minster all walk into a sub shop...

Sounds like the making of a good joke, but it's not! Tubby's All American Sub Shop draws a plethora of people in looking for a great lunch at a great price. Filled with hard working people from our community Tubby's at lunch time is a busy place... not to mention the phone ringing off the hook! As busy as this lunch hour is, you might think you were in a New York City sub shop... only filled with the hard work of the great people of Vero Beach!

Walking in, Tubby's smelled of fresh bread and freshly cut veggies. This aroma always lifts me off my feet! I'm a sub guy, what can I say! Looking over the menu I decided to try one of Tubby's signature sandwiches, A large Uncle David! Rare and tender roast beef topped with Swiss, fresh tomatoes, Alfalfa sprouts, avocado and Parmesan cheese, this sub took "refreshing" to a whole new level! Now I mentioned this sub was large... but I mean MASSIVE! Not only was it longer that twelve inches, but loaded down with the goodies! This sub, with a coke, was $11.17, which was well worth every penny! I don't know about any of the county workers I saw in there, but when I was done eating this massive sub I was so full I wanted to go back to the office and take a nap!

I do believe this is the BEST sandwich shop in town yet... Need I say more?

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Barefoot Cafe

Beachy ocean side atmosphere in a quaint little corner of downtown Vero Beach is a gem worth every once of awesomeness!

Barefoot Cafe is a must try if you have not already! Though this eatery is small, what it lacks in size it triples in character! I actually wanted to be there the moment I walked in the door. The staff were delightful, engaging, and funny! They made my guest and I feel right at home as we waited to order and awaited our delicious lunches.

Friday, September 20, 2013

What's the Dilly?

In search of a place for lunch I stumbled upon a new treat for Indian River County. When I went to the location of a popular eatery I was surprised to find a new establish that is home owned!

BBQ, Burgers, and Ice Cream is their catch, but Dilly's is so much more! Soon to be serving breakfast, this establishment has a well rounded menu and has an atmosphere for the whole family. The service was friendly and welcoming! I walked in and said it was my first time and the wonderful young woman behind the counter began suggesting some of the staple "Must Try" meals.
My choice for lunch today was the good ole' Cuban Sandwich. The Cuban is a favorite of mine and I must say this one rates with the best. The sandwich was a perfect warm and melted delight of deliciousness. The ham and pork were excellent cuts. I don't recall chewing on the smallest piece of grizzle or fat. The cheese was melted throughout the meat to make for an effective savor with each bite. Now, I'm not one for toasted bread, but this bread was toasted to perfection! It was the perfect combination of crunch and softness. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the toasted bread. The fries (sold separately) were seasoned to perfection and more than I could eat. Needless to say, I left full! The only downside to this meal was the cost. The sandwich alone was almost $8 but well worth it. The fries and drink were sold separately and so it brought my total to $13.11. This is a little more than I like to spend on a lunch but leaving full and satisfied is always a thumbs up to me.

Outweighing the cost, the great taste and awesome atmosphere gives Dilly's
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