Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Taste of Americana

Like walking into the 1950s, Mrs. Mac's Filling Station is a golden piece of Americana. With memorabilia that covers not only the walls, but the wait staff, the atmosphere here is refreshing and refueling for the soul.

The radio was playing golden oldies, the stuff my grandpa use to listen to, the stuff burned into my memories as "The Good Times." Everyday people filled the tables and conversation was revved up. The wait staff were in "Full Service" attire with overalls, squeegees, and gas rags! Again, a sight that brought me back to my early childhood in New Jersey where gas was pumped by a smiling neighbor and "Full Service" meant FULL SERVICE. That is what you will get when you pull into Mrs. Mac's Filling Station to be topped off... FULL SERVICE!

I was feeling adventurous so I ordered the Nitro Burger. This mustang of a burger was loaded with fresh sauteed onions and jalapenos and smothered with Cheddar cheese. My mouth is watering as I write this remembering that first bite! The bun was soft and yet not mushy as some soft buns get. I did not feel the need to add any condiments because this machine had enough flavor of it's own. With each bite I was reminded of why burgers are an American icon! This burger came to life in my mouth like fireworks on the 4th of July! Served with popcorn normally, I upgraded to fries for an additional cost. The whole lunch with upgraded fries and a sweet tea was about $9.21 Without the Fry upgrade and sweat tea, the burger was $5.35. This meal is definitely Lunch Box worthy with or without the additional cost! We are glad to rev our engines for Mrs. Mac's Filling Station with a Indian River Lunch Box Rating of:



  1. Love this place! Thanks for your accurate description!

  2. Before meeting the owners I thought this place was a chain, because of all of the attention to detail in the theme- from the gas pump out front to the license plate menus. 5 years later I can say the consistency of the food and service prove to be something beyond any chain I have eaten at. Mrs. M's is a gem!