Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Saussie Burger

If every gas station had a "Saussie Pig" inside I would always have to pay at the pump! Walking inside of the Chevron on the Corner of 17th and Us1 is like walking into BBQ Heaven. The aroma will lift you off of your feet and land you into a chair at the counter!

The Saussie Pig has a great menu that can fit just about any appetite. They even have "customer creations", sandwiches invented by repeating satisfied patrons. These specials have the "home base" feel of knowing your neighbors most treasured BBQ styles.

With two local locations, The Saussie Pig came to me highly recommended by friends and acquaintances alike. Good BBQ is hard to top and everyone who spoke of the Pig spoke in terms of Best in Town.

I have had one of The Saussie Pig's BBQ Pork sandwiches at a community event in the past. It was delicious to say the least. Yet, upon my going into the establishment for the first time, I looked at the menu of a wide variety of  BBQ delights and chose The Saussie Burger. Seeing the burger hailed the name of the eatery I figured it was a signature sandwich. I was even more excited when the cook told me it would take about 7 minutes to make. While intoxicated with the sweet smell of sauces, I waited with anticipation. Upon my very first bit I knew what I had found.... a hamburger with BBQ sauce on it. I was disappointed to say the least. Don't get me wrong, it was very tasty set upon garlic toast and covered in onions. The burger wasn't average tasting at all, it was quite exquisite, but a burger in BBQ sauce nonetheless.

I land this lunch simply as patron error. I should have gone with the brisket or pulled pork for sure. All of the prices on the menu were definitely Lunch Box worthy. The burger was only $6 and well worth it, just not what I expected out of a 7 minute burger baring the name of the establishment. I most certainly recommend The Saussie Pig for a great lunch that won't empty your pockets, but as far as "The Saussie Burger" goes...

The Indian River Lunch Box Rating is (for the burger only)
With that being said, I will be returning to The Saussie Pig soon for another try simply because beyond all of the recommendations I received for it... the smell alone draws me near!
Any Suggestions?
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