Friday, October 11, 2013

Barefoot Cafe

Beachy ocean side atmosphere in a quaint little corner of downtown Vero Beach is a gem worth every once of awesomeness!

Barefoot Cafe is a must try if you have not already! Though this eatery is small, what it lacks in size it triples in character! I actually wanted to be there the moment I walked in the door. The staff were delightful, engaging, and funny! They made my guest and I feel right at home as we waited to order and awaited our delicious lunches.

It seems the Cafe specializes in wraps and salads. The salads I saw being served were monstrous in size and looked prepared for royalty. Yet, as I salivated over the menu I saw an old friend of my... The Hot Corn Beef Sub. At $7.95 for the sandwich with one side I was hoping for a decent filling lunch. When the plate was set before me I was not disappointed in the least! This sandwich was Hot, Fresh, and HUGE!

With my mouth watering I thoroughly enjoyed every bite. Fresh tomato and lettuce was layered on the entire sandwich for garnishing every morsel. The bread was perfecto... warm with a slight toast. Macaroni salad was to die for and I don't say that lightly because I LOVE macaroni salad. Coleslaw (ordered extra) was just as delicious.

The menu had a great selection of health food as well as options for guys like me that go all in with the salty meats that make mouths water. I can't say enough how much I and my guest enjoyed Barefoot Cafe!

For Atmosphere, Character, Staff, and Awesome Food I.R. Lunch Box gives Barefoot Cafe

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