Friday, November 8, 2013

Go Big or Go Home! ~Tubby's Subs

A county worker, A biker, A retiree, and a minster all walk into a sub shop...

Sounds like the making of a good joke, but it's not! Tubby's All American Sub Shop draws a plethora of people in looking for a great lunch at a great price. Filled with hard working people from our community Tubby's at lunch time is a busy place... not to mention the phone ringing off the hook! As busy as this lunch hour is, you might think you were in a New York City sub shop... only filled with the hard work of the great people of Vero Beach!

Walking in, Tubby's smelled of fresh bread and freshly cut veggies. This aroma always lifts me off my feet! I'm a sub guy, what can I say! Looking over the menu I decided to try one of Tubby's signature sandwiches, A large Uncle David! Rare and tender roast beef topped with Swiss, fresh tomatoes, Alfalfa sprouts, avocado and Parmesan cheese, this sub took "refreshing" to a whole new level! Now I mentioned this sub was large... but I mean MASSIVE! Not only was it longer that twelve inches, but loaded down with the goodies! This sub, with a coke, was $11.17, which was well worth every penny! I don't know about any of the county workers I saw in there, but when I was done eating this massive sub I was so full I wanted to go back to the office and take a nap!

I do believe this is the BEST sandwich shop in town yet... Need I say more?

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