Friday, March 28, 2014

The Count of Monte Cristos!

There is no doubt that this sandwich has the legendary appeal of a literary classic of unforgettable proportions! The Pelican Diner in Sebastian Florida is the home of this mammoth beast of a sandwich.

Whether you are a resident or just passing through, this sandwich is a MUST HAVE! It would be a crime worth imprisonment to live here or drive through and not have a go at this flavorful delicacy. Some might be concerned about the health issues, but indulge just once or never know this historical classic!

Let me just start by saying... Fry it and I'm eating it! This monster is definitely the largest lunch meat extravaganza I have ever held. The first bit brought me back to my early childhood, when life was simple and good, back to the first time my taste buds were introduced to the manna from heaven... Funnel Cake! Loaded inside is sizzling hot ham, turkey and Swiss Cheese!. Served covered with powdered sugar and a choice between raspberry jam (my suggestion) or honey mustard this Count is sure to please!

I can't say this enough... THIS IS A MUST HAVE IN INDIAN RIVER COUNTY! Legendary doesn't even come close to an accurate status for The Pelican Diner's Monte Cristo. Now get this... all of this for just $6.25! That is a price you just can't beat! This meal is off of the Richter Scale!

The Indian River Lunch Box gives The Pelican Diner's Monte Cristo 5/5 thumbs! Great Job!!!
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