Friday, April 25, 2014

Nino's on the Corner

If there is a name for family dinning in our area it's Nino's. With three locations in our direct area and even one south of here, Nino's is a name I grew up with.

I have always been a huge fan of the NY style pizza and pizzerias. Most of these NY style eateries in our area know how to hit the nail on the head when it comes to Italian dinning. Nino's, with their growing expansion over the years, is proof of that. But what happens when you go Italian and order Greek? Do they live up to the expectation?

My dinning experience at Nino's has always been top notch, or so remember growing up eating at their Lakewood Park location. This time I ate at "The Corner" location at 43rd and SR60. This location and style seating is great for a quick pop-in lunch on the go. There is always take out, but if you wanted to sit for a moment they offer bar type seating, out door seating, and a more intimate indoor dinning area. It's always good to have options for a quick lunch break or time to sit and get to know co-workers.

I ordered the Gyro. I noticed they advertise the Gyro on the front of the building and I have come to enjoy them. Funny thing is my wife always laughs because I called them Gyro's (pronounced with the G) and she was the first one to tell me they were Gyro's (pronounced with the Y). I couldn't help but be reminded of that as the waitress mentioned the special using the G pronunciation!

The Gyro (Y) was $7.95 which wasn't bad, but did not include drink and fries. Fries were $1 which wasn't that bad either and I drank water. The fries were slim cut, hot and fresh! Loved them! The Lamb was a bit tougher than I've had it before. There was a strong and lasting peppery taste to it that I didn't mind, but know someone like my wife would not like. Besides the peppery seasoning, the Gyro (Y) was kind of plain with simple lettuce, a few onions, and a few tomatoes. The sauce was very watery and dripped excessively out of the bottom of the wrap. Sadly, I have had better Gyros in the Melbourne Mall cafeteria. I don't think I'll be paying nearly $8 for this meal again. This review does not reflect directly on the totality of Nino's as a great local eatery, but this meal is a no go for the lunch box.

The Indian River Lunch Box Gives Nino's Family Restaurant's Gyro a   
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